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  • Q&A Sessions

    Enjoy live Q&A sessions with Swami Asokananda, Swami Karunananda, Swami Ramananda, and more!

  • Live Hatha Classes and Meditations

    Enjoy guided group meditations and hatha classes from many different teachers

  • Kirtan

    Enjoy live kirtan from Integral Yogi's around the world as well as special appearances from Jai Uttal and HuDost!

  • 21 Continuing Education Credit Hours

    This conference provides 21 Yoga Alliance CE Credit hours.
    Contact [email protected] after conference for certificate.

About the Conference

Full schedule to come for all corners of the world!

Join the worldwide Integral Yoga community for an inspiring and uplifting weekend at our first Integral Yoga Global Conference. This virtual event--a conference for learning and a retreat with lots of Hatha Yoga practice--will bring together teachers and students from the U.S., India, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, South America, Australia, Hong Kong, and the People's Republic of China.

Come explore the deeper purpose of Yoga, on and off the mat, and celebrate all the teachings that have made Integral Yoga so beloved all over the world for more than 50 years. 

Very low price for the whole weekend*, with recordings available for six months for free for all participants. 

*Contact your local Integral Yoga Institute, Studio, or teacher for local pricing

An amazing lineup of speakers all aspects of Integral Yoga

  • Swamis Gurucharanananda (Mataji), Karunananda, Ramananda, Asokananda, Divyananda, Vidyananda, Vimalananda, Dayananda 
  • Senior Integral Yoga teachers Nalanie Chellaram, Hersha Chellaram, Sonia Sivakami Sumar, Heike Amma Farkas, Kali Morse, Paola Faini Parvathi, Rev. Premajyothi Devi, Maya Branford, Uma Alessandra Cocchi, Jayadeva Mandelkorn, Rev. Jaganath Carerra, 
  • Presentations by Integral Yoga ministers including Revs. Paraman and Lakshmi Barsel, Revs. Bhagavan and Bhavani Metro and Rev Dhyani Simonini 
  • Integral Yoga and the Environment with Swami Dayananda 
  • Integral Yoga on Diversity and Inclusion with Kamala Itzel Hayward, Nora Nirmala LeMorin, Diana Dharani Diaz and Santoshi Young 
  • The Integral Yoga way of health with experts Dr. Sandra Amrita McLananhan, Dr Mala Cunningham, and Margabandhu Martarano 
  • IY Hatha classes at all levels from around the world--in many languages as befits an international organization. 
  • Live Kirtan with HuDost--broadcast around the world 
  • Pre-recorded Kirtan from Jai Uttal So much community! 

Conference Schedule

More Coming Soon! 

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    1. Getting Started

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    1. Opening of the Integral Yoga Global Conference

    2. 6:30am GMT | Hatha Class with Brahmani Eaton - Spain

    3. 8:15am GMT | Exploring Our Own Limits with Paola Parvathi Faini - Italy

    4. 9:45am GMT | Karma Yoga: Selfless Service vs. Financial Stability with Hersha Chellaram - Hong Kong

    5. 10:00am GMT | Meditation with Kirana Stover - Integral Yoga Centre Barcelona Ribes

    6. 11:15am GMT | Integral Yoga in China with Shanti Das - China

    7. 12:30pm GMT | Asana Adaption through an Anatomical Lens with Lakshmi Sutter - "Atlanta, Georgia"

    8. 2:00pm GMT | Pranayama, Bandhas and Mudras for a Strong Immune System with Premajyothi Devi - New Jersey IYI - Fair Lawn

    9. 3:15pm GMT | The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1 - The Anatomy of a Spiritual Crisis with Sw. Asokananda

    10. 4:45pm GMT | Meditation with Luciana Prakash - Jai Vida: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    11. 5:30pm GMT | The Power of Love for Healing and Transformation with Sw. Ramananda - San Francisco IYI

    12. 7:00pm GMT | Integral Yoga for Stress and Anxiety with Sw. Vidyananda - Yogaville

    13. 9:00pm GMT | Hatha Yoga with Renata Sumar Gaertner (MahaJyoti) - Jai Vida: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    14. 10:45pm GMT | Triple Treasure - Guru, Sangha and Teachings with Sw. Divyananda - Yogaville

    1. 12:00am GMT | Integral Yoga Health & Maximizing Immunity with Dr. Amrita McLanahan - Yogaville

    2. 1:30am GMT | Hatha Yoga: Intermediate Level with Hersha Chellaram - Hong Kong

    3. 3:15am GMT | Open Question & Answer Session with Sw. Ramananda - San Francisco

    4. 5:15am GMT | Hatha Yoga with Maya Bamford - Spain

    5. 7:00am GMT | Therapeutic Hatha Yoga with Caroline Giles - Melbourne

    6. 8:30am GMT | Hatha Yoga Class: Intermediate with Mrs Renuka - Coimbatore

    7. 10:30am GMT | Meditation for Global Health Peace: Group Chanting of Om Tryambakam Mantra

    8. 11:00am GMT | Accessible Chair Yoga with Maya Bamford - Spain

    9. 12:30pm GMT | Hatha Yoga 2 with Sw. Asokananda - New York

    10. 1:00pm GMT | Neuroscience, Yoga and Healing with Mala Cunningham - Yogaville

    11. 2:30pm GMT | Yoga for Populations with Special Needs with Sivakami

    12. 4:00pm GMT | Why are we here? with Nalani Chellaram - Gibraltar

    13. 5:30pm GMT | Connecting Our Inner Lights: Chanting of Gayatri Mantra with Swami Satchidananda - Yogaville

    14. 6:00pm GMT | Raja Yoga Now with Sw. Karunananda - Yogaville

    15. 7:45pm GMT | Good Vibrations Guided Meditation with Jayadeva Mandelkorn - Princeton IY Community Center

    16. 7:45pm GMT | Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth with Michael Lerner

    17. 9:00pm GMT | Listening Deeply - Practicing Asana to Connect with the Subtle Body with Kali Morse - New York IYI

    18. 10:30pm GMT | Panel Discussion on Efforts Towards Anti-Racism

    1. 12:00am GMT | Kirtan with Jai Uttal (Pre-Recorded)

    2. 2:30am GMT | Hatha Yoga with Vishnupriya

    3. 6:15am GMT | Hatha Class with Paola Parvathi Faini - Italy

    4. 8:00am GMT | Finding Peace in the Midst of Pain with Heike Amma Farkas - Germany

    5. 9:15am GMT | Yoga Nidra with Daya Dewfall - Gibraltar

    6. 10:30am GMT | Meditation with Vidya - China

    7. 11:15am GMT | Gentle Hatha Yoga with Saumya Dwivedi - Princeton IY Community Center

    8. --- Living Yoga Movie

    9. 2:00pm GMT | Yoga in Bed - Finding the Archetypes of Asanas for Healing with Alessandra Uma Cocchi - Italy

    10. 2:00pm GMT | CANCELLED ----------------Yoga and Family Life with Revs. Bhagavan & Bhavani Metro - Yogaville

    11. 3:30pm GMT | BIPOC-led Hatha Yoga with Leda Subrah Resurreccion, Yamuna Chin - New York

    12. 5:00pm GMT | Fostering Yoga Principles for Social Change with Shankari Goldstein, Rev. Lílā Lucy Nelson - San Francisco

    13. 6:15pm GMT | Loving Life in the Midst of Grief with Premajyothi Devi - New Jersey IYI - Fair Lawn

    14. 8:00pm GMT | Closing Ceremony with Swami Asokananda and Paraman & Lakshmi Barsel

    1. Yoga Alliance CE Credits

    1. Português

    2. 中国人

    3. Español

    4. Italiano

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